Fibre App


Fibre App

The Fibre App

Available for iPhones in the App Store.  (FREE)

Download the Fibre App to keep up to date with our latest developments. It's Free to download and we will be working on it regularly to release new features and updates.

V1.0 Features (Released May 2016)

  • Q-Jump before 12am
  • Daily Shake & Win Prizes
  • Smart Code 

v2.0 Features (Released June 2016)

  • Exclusive offers Page
  • £25 bar tab on your Birthday.
  • Bogof Cocktails with the app.

v3.0 (Released August 2016)

  • Fibre Music Player



Simply show the home screen to doorstaff on the front door who will allow you plus one to skip the queue. This can only be used once a day and will automatically reactivate the following day. Security reserve the right to refuse entry in accordance with our door policy and licensing agreements. This feature will be disabled on special events such as Courtyard parties. We reserve the right to disable the feature at any time. 

Daily Shake and Win

Simply shake your device to see if you have won a prize. This can only be used once a day and prizes must be claimed within 24 hours of the win. Prizes can only be claimed by customers over the age of 18. We reserve the right to refuse service of alcohol in accordance with licesnsing laws. The prizes are picked at random at a varying win rate. No purchase necessary. We do not accept responsibilty for any damage to devices caused by the shake gesture, directly or indirectly. 

Smart Code

The smart code is a computer generated code which can be scanned on the till system to accrue points. The code may also be used for competitions or promotions requiring you to scan your code to enter. Any points held on the system remain property of BarFibre and can be adjusted or removed at any time.