Over the last 18 years, Fibre has created an immensely popular sound that our customers have come to know and adore.

Our talented resident DJ's Habbo Foxx, Tom Frost, Dale Castell, Josh Hunter, Ben Rainey & PJ Gardner know exactly how to get the crowds moving from weeknights & weekends to our popular Courtyard Parties & special events.

At Fibre, we've got a lot of love for our DJ's and their sounds. If you can't get enough of them either, read more about them & listen to their latest mixes below.

Enjoy! x

Habbo Foxx

Habbo Foxx


In the last 7 years Habbo Foxx has accomplished the sometimes impossible for any DJ. 

That mammoth task is to earn a reputation and become established in large competitive cities like Leeds, Doncaster, Manchester and Nottingham.
Dance music you could say is in Habbo’s blood, with a family dynasty of musicians his sister a renowned percussionist and his Father the legendary PAV on Percussion. A worldwide musician PAV has played with some of the globes biggest DJs in a career spanning 20 years, this has enabled a young Habbo to learn the tricks of the trade and finely tune his musical ear to make him one of the north’s most reputable, reliable and up and coming DJs.

Habbo has held a residency at ‘Bar Fibre’ in Leeds for over 6 years and continues to entertain the masses on a weekly basis. This is done by not only giving crowds what they desire but always changing up the game with his signature sound of contemporary and old school house sounds.
As well as ‘Fibre’ Habbo showcases his trade at ‘Mission’ and ‘The Backroom’ both in Leeds and has lined up at ‘Missolua’ in Doncaster and ‘CoCo Tang’ in Nottingham, Venus in Manchester, Baku in Preston & Key West in Mallorca. All this only adding to his diversity as a DJ.

A skilled club DJ Habbo has also dared to test his skills at Festivals such as ‘Made In Leeds festival’ and renowned super parties like the ‘Court Yard Party’ in Leeds. 

As well as gracing the British Isles Habbo has followed in his father’s footsteps and broken into Ibiza the playground of any successful Dance DJ having performed at ‘Savhannas’ at the “Sunset Beach House set”. This has only helped him hone his musical talent and production skills, these skills are demonstrated not only in his live performances but in his collection of online mixes open to the public. His mixes are among some of the most frequently visited on Soundcloud and a true testament to his mixing prowess, beat matching and taste in great music from a variety of genres.

For his age DJ Habbo Foxx is the complete performer and live DJ and soon to be the name on everybody’s set list. Sighting friend of the family ‘Roger Sanchez’ as his inspiration as a DJ all his fans and all that know him has high hopes.
Looking to build on an already prosperous career Habbo is looking to increase his residencies home and abroad and is available for private hire.


Tom Frost

Tom Frost

Tom Frost DJ Shot.jpg

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstien = Words Tom describes himself to live by.

Growing up was pretty normal for Tom but it was at age 11 upon finding a Charizard shiney in a packet of Pokemon cards Tom knew he was destined for great things.

Skipping to 17 cutting out exams college and all the boring stuff and solely focusing on the music, Tom had grown up listening to a combination of heavy rock and electronica from Poppa Frost and Soul and contemporary RnB from Momma Frost it created a sort of weird eclectic enjoyment for a variety of music which some might say influence his sets now.

It was only when Tom had his first real taste of underground clubbing at a night with a travelling sound system called The Valve that sculpted Toms love for melodic basslines but talk about being thrown in at the deep end, the soundsystem was rumoured to be the loudest in Europe with 52 subwoofers in total. Upon entry was issued ear plugs and told they were essential, they were right Tom says he's never before or since felt bass like it, it enveloped his whole body and 3 eye witnesses all testify for a second Tom took and the shape of a unicorn, Toms likes to think it was his eyes being opened to possibilities of new musical influence but also accepts maybe the eye witnesses had all been in fantasia for several hours prior.

After attending several other nights in Sheffield Tom decided it was time for new pastures, with Charizard in hand and Moby playing on his iPod shuffle, he set off on his journey to what was rumoured to be the Mecca of electro..... Leeds.

After walking for several days with a flat battery on his iPod and in desperate need of musical nourishment he ditched his bags and clambered down treacherous steps to the underground chamber of bass. The lights were barely existent the entire room was filled with fog and the music as sublime. Tom knew he had found home.

Tom frequented clubs and bars in Leeds for many years, often gazing up to his temple DJ boxes absorbing every track every mix...
It was only after watching Kevin and Perry go large Tom decided all he wanted to do was “do it” and bought himself his own set of decks.

After several hours of training it turned out Tom was still terrible, impatient that he couldn’t mix a tin of paint Tom turned to dark corners of the Internet how to raise the Prince of darkness. Scrolling through he stumbled upon the incarnation which required a rare metallic possession... Determined to make it bigger than Eiffel 65 Tom traded his treasured Charizard at a shot at the big time.

Tom is known for his sets at Fibre, The Courtyard Parties and has mixed at Made in Leeds Festival & Club Mission.

Dale Castell

Dale Castell


Dale Castell is an DJ with a wealth of experience, rocking dance floors across the UK & abroad.

Hailing from Yorkshire he has established himself as one of the most exciting and versatile DJ & Producers in the industry as well as touring the world with Ministry of Sound.

He is a long standing resident of Fibre, rocking crowds for over 8 years.

Josh Hunter

Josh Hunter


Josh Hunter is a DJ and producer with residencies playing both Friday and Saturday at Fibre. He has played various venues including clubs as far away as Turkey, Portugal and Ibiza and his music has been supported by major DJs including Fatboy Slim, Stonebridge and Nora En Pure who played his track ‘That House Vibe’ at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Josh gained support in 2017 after releasing his remix of ‘Cola’, which secured him the UK number one spot on DJCity, plays on Radio 1, Radio 1 Xtra and Kiss FM, and also support from James Hype, Blonde & Nathan Dawe. He continues to release remixes each time refining his sound and building a reputation for delivering powerful club ready dance tracks.

Josh also plays in our Penthouse on weekends!

Ben Rainey

Ben Rainey


2017 was the year that saw Ben Rainey’s music become an essential part of every DJs set, from Saturday nights, student events and across radio stations globally.

His creative, hard hitting, floor filling remixes, covers and edits have provided Ben with some serious airtime with support coming thick & fast from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam, chart topper & Kiss FM’s very own James Hype and Ministry of Sound’s Friday & Saturday night takeover on Capital FM amongst many others.

His high energy DJ sets stand out due to his effortless ability to seamlessly mix across genre boundaries utilizing up to 4 decks at any time. Ben has a very strong command of the crowd with immense microphone skills combined with an uplifting presence in the DJ booth.

On the road, Ben’s jet fueled life style has led to headline sets in Ibiza, Dubai and Belgium where he has performed at venues such as Ocean Beach Club for SIN Sundays, at Zero Gravity where he has performed alongside Claptone, Roger Sanchez & Disciples and for the official afterparty for Europe’s biggest dance festival, Tomorrowland. On home soil, Ben continues to hold down main room residencies at Iconic venues Mission & Space in Leeds respectively as well as hosting the main room of 1800 capacity venue ATIK in his home town of Hull.

As for the future & having already collected over 5 million worldwide plays across his music to date, alongside a very strong & growing social media presence, you can expect to hear a lot more original material, official remixes & covers as Ben continues to live for his labour of love, 24/7, in the studio, recording, writing, mixing and performing live.

With all of what is yet to come, it’s no wonder that industry heads are labelling Ben Rainey ‘One To Watch’.